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Please apply to Cadastre if you are interested.

Please Note :
The system provides, via embedded hyperlinks, access to images of the 1947 to present day notifications of transfer of ownership (T sheets) also the 1924 and 1947 Cadastre register sheets. Transfer sheets prior to 1986 feature the narrative ‘Legacy to Legacy’. The ownership narratives for these records have yet to be computerised.

The fee for the use of these extended service facilities is £0.50p every time an image is accessed and the usage will be recorded in your “My Account” details.

Traditional research of the Cadastre records may however, still be required for transfer and assessment history prior to 1986/87.

Data provided by this system is only as good as that provided to the department. Any issues in the data and/or mapping you may find should be reported to the Cadastre via the ‘T’ sheet error reporting button or email at Taxation on Real property (TRP) includes a formal appeals procedure.

Your help and co-operation is always appreciated.

Domestic TRP
The Domestic TRP is the figure frequently used by Estate agents and includes only B1.1 and B1.2.
This is a new part of the system.
Please report any discrepancies to Digimap on 700321.